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Hindi Lyrics World is an exclusive place to find Lyrics for your favorite Bollywood songs. Our music library is comprised of wide range of lyrics for various genres. We take pride and strive to offer the lyrics that are composed and recorded by extremely talented artists from all around the world.

At Hindi Lyrics World, we provide our users with catchy music and professional lyrics. You can find everything in our library easily and can use that composition as per your requirement. If you want something fresh and new or want something that is written exclusively for you, then you are at the right place!! For more information or queries contact us at info@hindilyricsworld.com

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Most common problem faced by the users is of improper lyrics. Other websites do not indicate clearly the verse, chorus and male-female vocalist part and thus makes the form of the song very confusing. We, on the other hand offer our users with professional quality lyrics. Our lyrics format clearly mentions the alaap section and also includes the bifurcation of female and male vocalist part. The lyrics that you will receive are completely understandable having each words spelled correctly.

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Exclusive Tracks- High Quality tracks created for YOU ONLY. The track will not be resold or redistributed to anyone else.
MIDI- MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) – A file with the .MID or .MIDI file extension (pronounced as “mid-ee”) is a Musical Instrument Digital Interface file.
We offer fully scripted & well-rehearsed lyrics to our users at free of cost.

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