The actor turned Producer, Ali Fazal, has constantly been educating people about the importance of mental health and its concerns. The pandemic has deeply impacted people’s mental health, and to combat the situation, the primary thing is to accept the changes in your mind.


Ali Fazal has approached many medical professionals to discuss this concern and conduct free online sessions for the people. Talking about the sessions, he said:


“As a nation, we must start learning from this experience. It all starts with reaching out and acknowledging. That’s the core of mental health. For example, now and at all times, we need to be more empathetic towards doctors, nurses, and all other front-line workers because the trauma they’re facing on a daily basis is bound to take an enormous toll on their mental health tomorrow.”


They will also have live sessions for the people who are on their road to recovery from covid-19.
“Mental health is something that doesn’t work on the concept of one-size-fits-all. Hence, in my initiative, the aim is to help them be aware of various groups and sections of societies that need provisions of mental health and to give them the necessary help and support for it.”


Talking about his inspiration for helping the people, Ali said:

“What has driven me at the base level is the fact that I have experienced mental health concerns within close family circles. As a child, I had seen both my parents go through mental health issues, which was considered the thing that one doesn’t speak about. We saw the world going topsy-turvy and the pandemic coming for us in the last two years. My grandpa passed away recently, we had two-three COVID cases in the family, and my uncle could not even be there for the final rites. Even in this insurmountable loss, I find myself in a position of privilege. Bahar kya ho raha hai? Ek hi din mein kisi bacche ke dono parents guzar gaye, kisike paas chhat nahi hai, kisike jawaan bacche shikaar ho gaye iss marz ke. There’s so much pain. We all say that it’s a war against COVID, and we have to win it. But we need to take a moment to think of what war brings with it. There is going to be major PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) that will set in.”

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