After being a survivor of the inhuman act in 2005, Laxmi Agarwal has successfully raised herself from ashes to spearheaded the “Stop Acid” campaign and help other women like her for living an independent and dignified life. She doesn’t like to be referred to as a victim, instead, she had been inspiring others to face the situation like a champion.

The aspiring story of Laxmi will soon be seen on a big screen in the movie Chhapaak, having Deepika Padukone in the lead role. The film chronicles the journey of Laxmi and how she fought against acid violence post the horrifying incident.

Laxmi is grateful to director Meghna Gulzar and Deepika Padukone for helping her spread awareness about the plight of acid survivors through the film.

“I met Meghna ma’am in 2016. She told me about her wish to do something for the cause. There wasn’t much awareness about acid attack violence before 2013. But when acid survivors actually started coming forward with their stories, people need to realize it. The more survivors are called at the sunshine, the less stigma there’ll be upon them. I feel that all the voices have made this movie possible. I really feel this movie goes to impact the society tons,” Laxmi said.

“I am thankful to Deepika for accepting the challenge of portraying an acid attack survivor. I’m glad that she has shown beauty is really not (in the face) important. It was extremely important to boost awareness about this cause. I think this movie will cleanse the acid out from the minds of many people, prejudiced against the survivors,” she added.

“The journey of making this movie had been extremely rewarding” If I’ll say, it is the film that I even have wiped out my career that I’m the foremost pleased with regardless of what people say after watching it. I think the fact that we attempted this film that in itself is something that I’m proud of myself. People are calling it a risk, I don’t think it’s a risk. I think it’s been very honest. There are no tricks and games. Meghna has lived with this story for therefore a few years as a person’s being and as a director. She came to me and I immediately said yes. So, there’s been no overthinking. I’ve done it very instinctively,” Deepika said.

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