It’s been two years since we lost a brilliant actor and a superb human being. His acting career has been a roller coaster ride. Recalling the golden memories from the past, Oscar-winning director Asif Kapadia cherishes the time when the two worked for ‘The Warrior’. The third person on the ride along with them was Amit Kumar.


“That relationship with Irrfan and Amit is like this very strong triangle that kind of formed us, that we went on this amazing journey together. We all remained friends,”


Kapadia is known for his projects like ‘Diego Maradona’, ‘Senna’, ‘Amy’ said:


“The last time I was in Bombay, Amit and I went to see Irrfan. We have not come to terms with it. It’s also strange because I haven’t been able to travel really since all of this happened last year,”On missing Irrfan Khan, the director said:


“We miss him, and he was amazing and he was special and we must not forget Irrfan, not just for the work that he did, but he was a good guy, he never changed. He was always like this wonderful, spiritual human being,”


There’s not even a single day when Irrfan’s face does not cross our minds. His humble personality and exceptional acting will be remembered forever.

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