After speaking about the ongoing mafia in the music industry, Sonu Nigam once again took his social media handle and slammed the politics in the music industry and threatened T-Series honcho Bhushan Kumar to reveal all his dark secrets.


In a response to all the allegations put against her husband Divya Khosla Kumar shared an 11 minutes 50 seconds video on her social media handle where she accused Sonu Nigam of ‘selling lies’ to grab everyone’s attention. Not only that but Divya even called Sonu ‘thankless’ as her husband’s company was the one which had launched him in Bollywood.


In the video, Divya said that more than ‘97% of people working in T-Series are outsiders’ and asked Sonu about giving any chance to anyone in the music industry?’ Furthermore, she added, “Sonu sang in Delhi’s Ramleela just for Rs 5. It was her father-in-law Late Gulshan Kumar who recognized his talent and gave him an offer and flight ticket to Mumbai.”


After that, Divya again slammed Sonu’s statement of Bhushan pressurizing him to record a song for T-Series when they were in a loss. She added, “Sonu Nigam quickly went to another music company leaving T- Series and Bhushan after the tragic death of Gulshan Kumar.”


Furthermore, she also questioned Sonu on his claims of Bhushan asking him for saving himself from underworld don Abu Salem. She said it’s laughable to say that Bhushan went to him rather than authorities for protection. Do he had been in contact with Abu Salem, even requested government officials to have a look in this matter.


Not only did Divya slammed Sonu Nigam with answers to all the questions, even opened about threats given to her family.

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