The pandemic has deeply affected the Bollywood industry. The shoots are getting canceled, movies are being postponed. Before the new set of instructions were announced Emraan Hashmi was seen in ‘Mumbai Saga’ sharing the screen space with John Abraham.
The second wave of covid-19 has taken down all the movies to a standstill.


“I don’t want to sound like this is happening to our industry or me alone. I just find myself in a fortunate place that my family and friends are secure. Health is the priority right now for everyone. We are living in scary times. As an individual and an artist, you don’t know what tomorrow will bring.”


Talking about how much he misses his work and being on sets, he said:
“It turns me on to be on a set and to be deeply involved in playing a character. When you stay away from a film set for a long time, you feel insecurities and frustrations of some sort simmering inside. Yes, it is disappointing and frustrating that you can’t do what you love doing the most. But what do you do? Waiting is the only option. We have to see how this resolves itself. We’re all grappling with the current situation, and as I said, other things, including health and safety are the main priorities now.”


He will soon complete the two-decade benchmark in the industry, talking about this he said:
“For me, it will always be about the basics — narrating strong stories — because that is what people want, and not necessarily on any particular medium. It does not matter to me where the content plays out, as that’s always the producer’s prerogative. It’s about honing your craft. That’s where I come from, and now more so, with the doors of the digital platforms flung open even wider than before. When I did my first show with an OTT platform, people wondered why I did it. For me, it’s always been about the story. My priority is to do great work, chase quality over quantity, be a part of great stories, and team up with some fantastic filmmakers. With the advent of the OTT space and an added degree of exposure to international content, I want to take that step forward and explore a project outside of our country whenever possible. The ingredients for an OTT movie or a show are pretty much clear to everyone now. In unprecedented times like these, which have pushed the theatrical business into a different space, one will have to observe and think harder to bring the audience back to the cinemas.” Hindi cinema is my first love and will always be, but I want to explore something internationally. I want a new journey and I want to try something outside the Indian market. That would be fun. In the next five years, I want to see that dream realized in some way.”


Are you excited to watch him working on an international project?

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