After almost 20 years within the business and various films to his credit, actor Emraan Hashmi is changing gears with films like Mumbai Saga, Chehre, and therefore the festival-ready Harami. At this stage in his career, where he’s doing a spread of roles, all different from his previous body of work, we asked him if he has given direction an idea, as long as he started off as an assistant director years ago and has already co-written a book with author Bilal Siddiqi.


Emraan said, “People say that I’d make an honest director, but it takes a particular mindset. I don’t know if I’m ready for that yet. If I shift gears, I might take a day off for a year or so, then get right down to directing. I wouldn’t do this immediately with such a lot of work on my plate. As a director, you’ve got to be tuned into the film from start to end. Understanding the technical aspects deeply, and getting a crew may be a different ball game once you lead the pack. I even have been an assistant director, and so, I do know what it takes. Right now, acting and direction are going to be tough to tug off together; so, one thing at a time.”


The actor added, “As for writing, I don’t have the discipline to write down. I wont to write once upon a time, but it didn’t have a form. I want to urge back thereto discipline. The book I co-wrote was a few close and private experience. But never say never; who knows I’d just find yourself writing a script.”

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