Opioid Epidemic prevailing in US has been declared a national public health emergency by President Donald Trump. Accounting for more than 5, 00,000 American deaths it has become the most serious concern recently. To create awareness about it, American Pain Association has linked the Bollywood music director and composer Pritam Chakraborty with the project. The association is a group of professionals working continously to change public policies and practices in order to reduce the issues related to pain.


High usage of drugs has become a major reason behind increasing deaths in America. Killing high number of people as compared to accidents and guns, this issue has evolved as a silent epidemic. Young minds are involved more in this drug usage and thus it is important to think seriously about this matter. Thus, to increase the awareness Pritam along with eight singers is going to do live shows in North American cities. Hope this wonderful initiative proves extremely beneficial for the people.

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