India is fighting a battle against covid and situations are really bad. People are losing their lives due to the insufficiency of injections, oxygen cylinders, and unavailability of a bed. Many actors and influencers are using social media for a good cause. Many actors are posting inquiries regarding medications, and other necessary needs and helping out people by generating leads.


Many people are also using this situation and taking advantage of the condition by selling fake injections and medicines.


Farhan Akhtar tweeted about this and lashed at people who are doing fraud during such times.


Calling these frauds monsters, Farhan tweeted:
“Seen a news report of people manufacturing & selling fake Covid medication. You have to be a special kind of monster to con people in these dark & desperate times. Shame on you, whoever you are!!!”


Soon netizens also supported Frahan and wrote comments on his tweet that read:
“Sooner or later, they are going to get the taste of their own medicine. It’s going to bite back harder in several possible ways!”

“I feel people who are trying to line their pockets with money atm, don’t realize that they are lining their pockets with the death and misery of thousands of people. They don’t realize that this pain and misery in their pockets will haunt them later in life.”


On the work front, Farhan will be next seen in Marvel Studios’ upcoming project.

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