Manoj Bajpayee who is a well known actor and has gained a lot of appreciation with his real acting skills. The actor gained a lot of popularity after his appearance on the OTT. His web series ‘The Family Man’ was loved by many people and the actor was praised for his outstanding acting.


Manoj has charmed his audience through his work in ‘Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari’, ‘Silence… Can You Hear It?’


Here are some of the exclusive interview questions that the actor answered


Are you enjoying the popularity on OTT?


The journey has been incredible. It started off with ‘The Family Man’ to ‘Silence…’ All the projects I have worked on have turned out to be a success.
Has OTT changed you as an actor?
I am still the same who works on the script and character.
“There’s no compromise. I am still the same actor who always follows the vision of the director”


What are your views on censorship on OTT?


I am ok with films getting 16+,17+ or categorizing them based on their content.
“Well, there’s a policy that OTT will self-regulate, which, I think, is much better than having somebody to sensor creative projects which they might be completely unaware about.”


The actor is known for his remarkable acting that grabs our attention. His charming personality and versatility to do various roles makes him a star we would love to watch again and again.

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