Rakhi Sawant is known for her bold statements and delusional dialogues. The controversy queen has made many stories and posted them on social media. People usually do not take her claims seriously. She was in the news again after making a statement saying the veteran writer Javed Akhtar wants to make a film on her life. 


Considering this claim as false, many people denied this news until the renowned writer confirmed the claim. Justifying her statement to be accurate, Javed Akhtar said:

“No, she is right. I think some four or five years back, we were on the same flight, and she told me about her childhood, and I did tell her that someday I would like to write a script based on her life.”

Rakhi Sawant has again become the town’s talk after gaining the spotlight from her recent reality show Bigg Boss 14. 


Rakhi reacted to this news and said:


“I got a call from Javed Akhtar Ji, before Covid, about a year ago. He said that he wanted to write my biopic and had asked to meet him. But after that day, I did not get to meet him. They want a biopic to be made on me, but my biopic will be very controversial and I do not know whether the people of the country would like to see it or not,” Rakhi said.

Well, time will decide if the biopic is made or not. But would you like to see Rakhi Sawant’s biopic?

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