Kangana Ranaut is currently in her hometown Manali. She shared a picture where she was seen reading a book on a bright sunny day. Soaking in the warm sunny day and enjoying a good book is all that her day at home looked like. Kangana shared the picture with a caption:


“History of India, so heart-wrenching, conflicting and brutal…..You are a fool if you take a side but a bigger fool if you don’t take any ❤️.”


Earlier, the actress kept herself busy in gardening. She posted a video with a caption:

“Today I planted 20 trees, we only ask what I got, sometimes please ask what I gave back to this planet also !!!”


She insisted the govt officials also take the initiative of planting more trees. Saying this she also wrote:


“In the recent cyclone, Tauktae Mumbai lost more than 70 percent of its trees and Gujrat lost more than 50 thousand trees, these trees take decades to grow, how can we lose them every year like this, who is compensating for this loss? How are we preventing our cities from becoming concrete jungles? We must ask ourselves did we ask authorities the right questions? What are we giving back to our country ?”

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