Saif Ali Khan became the subject of trolling on social after a recent comment he made in an interview with Anupama Chopra. Now actress Kangana Ranaut has responded to the comment in her own way.

Saif while talking about the history of Tanhaji had started that it was not exact and that he did not take a stand against it. The actor claimed that his reason for this was that the role offered to him was a “delicious” one that he could not resist. He added that there was no concept of India before the British.

In an interview with Zee News, Kangana Ranaut pointed out the Mahabharat as a contradiction to what Saif had said. “How’s Mahabharat if there’s no Bharat before? Some people have just created these narratives that suit them. Sri Krishna was in Mahabharat. So there was a Bharat, that’s why it had been mahaan (great). Every kingdom of India joined forces to fight that war. You see even Europe has these small nations. But these had a collective identity, that’s why Sri Krishna visited of these places with Pandavas and therefore the Kauravas, to ask them who is going to be a section of the war.”

Earlier Ranaut had also lashed out at Deepika Padukone for standing in solidarity with the students of JNU. Even though Ranaut claimed that Deepika had a democratic right to stand with the students, the former added that she would never “stand with the Tukde gang”.

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