Small screen actor Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal’s recent fight has been under the news all over. Nisha put strong allegations on Karan and accused him of assault. She also said that Karan is having an extramarital affair.


The ugly fight came in front of the media. Nisha even held a meeting with the media where she showed pictures of the injury caused by Karan.


Karan has opened up about the case and justifying his side, he said:


“She even spat on me twice and kept saying she will play dirty now. I told her to leave the room and while I was washing my hands, she smashed her head on the wall and told everyone that I did it. They also started recording footage on the phone to frame me. Her brother hit me and even threatened to kill me and my family. I am still very weak from my Covid-19 diagnosis and did not even have the strength to fight back,”


Nisha on the other hand said:

“Karan just walked out of the room, and as I stood up to leave, he grabbed me by my hair and smashed my head on the wall. Before I could even realize I was bleeding, he pinned me against the wall holding me by my neck. I actually cried out to him asking why he hates me so much,”


Nisha Rawal’s response was:


“I had given him all my jewelry to pay off EMIs last year when there was no work. I even told him to shift to a smaller place. I have been a supportive partner. The money I demanded was only for my son, and I even told Karan that I would not hold it against him if he is not able to pay the same.”


Talking about the relationship struggle the couple had, Karan said:


“We have been in a strained relationship for a couple of years now, and since we could see there was no point staying together, we decided to part ways. Given we have a son, I wanted to separate amicably so that we can give him a good future.”

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