Mallika Sherawat flew back to Los Angeles after fulfilling her commitments for a digital show. Her movie RK/RKAY, which Rajat Kapoor directed, made a theatrical release in the US and Canada. In a conversation, the actress revealed how the industry typecast her for particular roles.


The pandemic situation in India has put a hold on the theatrical releases; in this situation, RK/RKAY at least got a theatrical release. Does this make the actress happy?


“I feel fortunate that this film is getting a theatrical run. We all love digital platforms, but nothing beats the joy of watching a movie on the big screen.


Talking about her experience with Rajat Kapoor, Mallika said:
“I should give him credit for thinking outside the box and offering me this film. I have been a huge fan of his work, and his film Ankhon Dekhi is one of my favorites. I was eager to work with him, but I guess filmmakers are hesitant to come to me with serious roles. They are not sure if I can pull off such characters. Rajat was brave enough to approach me to play this part.”


Mallika has been in the industry for a time span of 17 years now. Let’s take a look at her future plans.


“I want to play meaningful roles. I have missed doing that. People approached me for very glamorous roles, with a lot of money but no soul in the character or meaning. It’s important to reinvent yourself after a period of time. If I do the same things that I have done before, you will only get vintage Mallika.”

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