Given the recent anti-CAA protests in the country and the subsequent violent attack on JNU students, several Bollywood actors have been taking a strong stance on the current state of affairs. Renowned actor Naseeruddin Shah, in an interview with an online portal, appreciated celebrities like Deepika Padukone who grabbed the headlines for her controversial visit to the JNU.

However, Shah went on to slam Kher who himself is a BJP supporter and his wife Kiron an MP of the party from Chandigarh. Critiquing Kher, he said, “he does not need to be taken seriously, he is a clown. Many of his contemporaries have witnessed his obsequious nature.”

Kher, however, did not take kindly to Shah’s comments. The 64-year-old actor posted a video on Twitter, berating Shah for his distasteful comments.

“A message for Mr. Naseeruddin Shah. He is older to me both in terms of age and experience. I have always respected his craft and will continue to do so. But sometimes, we need to reply to some comments. Here’s my response”, wrote Kher.

In the video, the ‘Hotel Mumbai’ star launched a vicious attack on Shah and went as far as accusing him of substance abuse.

‘I saw your interview about me’, began Kher. He went on to say that he has never passed negative comments about Shah and that he doesn’t take what the ‘Sarfarosh’ star says seriously.

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