Naseeruddin Shah’s Reaction On Having Ghastly Movies. He counts among the best on the Indian screen, doubtless. To mention Naseeruddin Shah is an icon as a cine artiste would be an irony. He exuded in Sparsh, Junoon, Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro, Paar, Pestonjee, or Mirch Masala and the unforgettable mainstream roles in A Wednesday, The Dirty Picture, Masoom, Jalwa, or the Ishqiya films, the 70-year-old Bollywood masterful has been there.


The much-feted actor has been equally reception on screens big and little (some feel his role within the TV serial Mirza Ghalib is his best) and has recently forayed the OTT space with the series Bandish Bandits, too. Over four decades, there are examples when he did not make magic on screen, but he has no regrets – He said.


“I do not have one regret in life. Yes, I even have made mistakes, but I even have overcome them. I even have put them behind me and moved on in life with learnings. I might be a fool to stay regrets in life. I even have acted in several ghastly movies. I ate a number of them. I’d haven’t enjoyed working on those films, but I do not regret having done them. Each and each decision of mine has taught me something or the opposite,” Shah told IANS.


“It has been an excellent and fulfilling journey. It’s been better than I assumed it might be. I feel ‘script’ (contented). I feel blessed to be ready to fulfil my dreams. I feel I even have to seek out newer dreams now. I’m still finding and exploring new things. You cannot expect any favours from life. It’s up to you to seek out the challenges,” he added.


The actor recalled his initial days when he was unsure of having the ability to suit within the movie industry. “I wasn’t assured about my work. Then I realized I didn’t get to slot in the movie industry except to dabble in it now then and make some money. An alternate world opened on behalf of me,” he added. The actor par brilliance is now attentive to helping young actors know the art of acting.


“There is a world where I have been my own work. The will to stay honing my craft kept me going and made my work alive on stage. I ended up reading tons of literature, then I discovered teaching, which I found stimulating. Helping young actors, working with them, and taking them on to fulfil their potential — I found that as an excellent joy. I hope I’m ready to continue that as long as I live,” Shah expressed.

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