Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s wife Aaliya recently slammed the actor with a legal notice seeking divorce. And it seems like Aaliya has also joined micro-blogging site Twitter to clarify her stand in the matter. While she does not have a verified Twitter account, Aaliya chooses to clear the air about her being in a relationship. Aaliya had also posted that she is going to stay strong for the sake of her kids, “I am now learning to stand up & speak for myself, be strong, for the sake of my children. I have not done any wrong to date & therefore I am not worried. However I do not appreciate anyone harming my reputation or character to save someone else. Money can’t buy the truth.” Her lawyer exclusively confirmed to ETimes, “Aaliya has joined Twitter upon our suggestion to clarify on manipulative stories.”

In an earlier conversation with BT, Aaliya had shared, “There are a lot of things that I don’t want to bring in the public domain as of now, but our disputes started soon after our marriage 10 years ago. These 2 months of lockdown let me realize a lot of things. Self-respect is extremely important in a marriage. I lost that completely. I felt like a nobody, always alone. His brother Shamas was also an issue. Now I got my original name, Anjana Kishore Pandey back. I Will not prefer to be reminded about using someone’s identity for my individual sake.”


The aspiring film producer is completely unsure about the future but going back is not an option for her. “I prefer looking forward. Although I haven’t been thinking much about the coming times, but I disagree with this marriage. There’s not a bit of chance for an agreement,” she had stated.

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