Radhika Apte has emerged as the star on the web and she is known for her various outstanding roles done on OTT. Not only on the web Radhika has also showcased her exceptional acting skills in Bollywood movies like Padman and AndhaDhun.


Talking about her experience on the OTT Radhika gave some revelations about the industry.


“I don’t think I had any vision or a so-called jump or a first-mover advantage. The web has turned out to be the most popular thing at the moment. When I became a part of the content for that space, I just flowed with the fact that I loved the content that was offered to me. It’s how I have always worked irrespective of the platform, the medium, the format, and the language. It never bothered me. I don’t think I had any extra advantages over the others. The content on OTT, whatever is greenlit, is treated at par with each other.- No one gets any preferential treatment there. There is equal opportunity. When films released in theatres, a bigger producer buys out most of the screens available, and there is little left for the smaller films – odd timings, limited shows, and all of that. As a viewer on the web, you choose your content on the basis of its merit. Similarly, it gives a fair chance to actors. It does not matter if you are a star or not, if your product is not good, no one will watch it. At the end of the day, it is about the content and not who you are.”

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