Kangana Ranaut has been very vocal about the drug abuse in Bollywood after the Narcotics Control Bureau started probing the drugs angle in the Sushant Singh Rajput case. Recently the actress stated in an interview that 99 percent of Bollywood consumes drugs. When lawyer Mahesh Jethmalani questioned Bollywood’s silence over the statement, Raveena Tandon lashed out with a powerful statement.



Hitting out at Kangana’s claims, Raveena Tandon posted on Twitter, “Globally, 99 you look after judges, politicians, babus, officials, cops are corrupt. This statement can’t be a generic description for all. People are intelligent. they will differentiate between good/ bad. Few bad apples cannot spoil a basket. Likewise, our industry also has the great and therefore the bad.”


Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma had also expressed surprise as nobody from Bollywood came bent contradict Kangana’s allegations, “Though I belong to an equivalent fraternity,I am as baffled as u ..And their silence also extends to them being called rapists, killers, mafia, etc etc,” RGV had shared on Twitter.


Previously, Kangana Ranaut had claimed that she was given drugs as a minor. She had posted on her official Twitter account, “I was still a minor my mentor turned tormentor won’t to spike my drinks and sedate me to stop me from getting to cops, once I became successful and got the entry into the foremost famous film parties I used to be exposed to the foremost shocking and sinister world and medicines, debauchery and mafia.”


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