Read how Sunny Deol is playing a key role in operating theatres at 100% occupancy.

He may are known to roar the loudest when it involves his on-screen appearances. However, when it involves his real world deeds, he ensures that his work speaks the loudest. Which will rather be seen from the very fact that albeit two days have gone since the govt announced 100% occupancy rule out theatres, there hasn’t been any noise made around the man who made it possible. it’s Sunny Deol, the actor and therefore the MP, whose initiatives at the very best order of the govt machinery made it possible.


“It was Sunny who began the gathering from the film production and met Minister of State for Finance and Company Affairs, Nirmala Sitharaman, Minister of Finance and Company Affairs of India, Minister of data and Broadcasting, Prakash Javadekar, Amit Khare, Secretary, I & B Ministry and Anurag Thakur, a couple of days back. He requested them to think about the request for allowing theatres to function at greater than 50% occupancy, and preferably at 100% itself,” informs our source. As per the report, “He was entered by CEO of The Producers Guild of India, Kamal Gianchandani, Nitin Tej Ahuja, Multiplex Association of India, MD PVR Sanjeev Bijli.


They explained things intimately how the entire exhibition sector was suffering since producers couldn’t afford to release their films at 50% occupancy rule out theatres. At the same time, there was fear psychosis amongst audiences, too, with such a rule being enforced. Considering that everything else had normalized, be it the dining or other social gatherings, it had been prudent that theatres too are allowed to work full house.


“The Ministers were patiently heard the argument of Sunny sir and guaranteed that they might take this into deliberation and expire a resolution soon,” our source continues. “The complete film industry supports everyone within the supply chain. it’s only getting to help the economy further because the money generated by sales of movie tickets keep the business going for one and everyone,” the source added.The results were seen as within 72 hours of this meeting happening; the govt took a choice to permit 100% occupancy, post which the ruling was drafted.


No wonder the industry is satisfied.

According to Kamal Gianchandani, President, Multiplex Association of India, “On behalf of all MAI (Multiplex Association of India) members, I might wish to thank Shri Sunny Deol Ji for his tireless and unwavering efforts in getting back the 100% capacity for cinemas. His leadership, combined with his commitment to serve the simplest future interest of the whole filmed entertainment sector, has played an important role in putting the movie industry back on the trail to recovery and growth. i’m confident that the movie industry community will still enjoy his valued leadership and counsel.”


When he tried to contact the actor, Deol said he didn’t want to speak about it. When probed further, he said, “I am glad that this might happen and that I hope things are back on target for the show business .” Sunny Deol has done the work as a senior politician also because an industry veteran for many years. Now the onus is on the movie industry to churn out exciting movies and ensure returns at the box office.

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