Salman Khan has gathered a lot of fan following over the past few years. People have been watching his movies as watching Salman is a treat to them. Not only youngsters but people from all generations enjoy watching his movies equally.


Talking about his acting journey and applauding the immense support he has got from his fans he said:


“The people who have watched ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’, they loved me, and they kept on loving me, and they kept on loving their husbands and their children, and their children kept on loving me.

“From that one fan became a family and then another unit. I’m lucky and grateful that fans have been very loyal. So, from grandparents to parents to grandchildren, I have that (following),”


Talking about the turning point in his choice of films he said:


‘Wanted’ didn’t change anything, the film that changed everything for me was ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’. ‘Wanted’ was a hit film, an action film. Before that also there were enough such films. What has changed is the population of the country… Even in my movies, I make sure there is everything for everyone,”


Keeping his films simple and catering to a family audience, he said:


“We never know what will work, what won’t. We keep it to the simple stuff. Good versus bad, fun, humor. Maybe the intellectuals would not appreciate that but I’m no intellectual and I don’t cater to intellectuals. If they can’t understand the simplicity, they are not intellectuals to me,”


On the work front Salman Khan’s upcoming movie ‘Radhe- Your Most Wanted Bhai’ is set to release on Eid and people can watch and enjoy this movie from their home. The second wave of covid has canceled the theatrical release of the movie but fans can enjoy it at their homes.

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