The much-awaited Radhe- Your Most Wanted Bhai is now all set to release tomorrow on OTT. Last year when Salman Khan announced the film he promised his fans to release the film in theatres but booking at pandemic situations seems to be impossible.

Owing to the second wave of coronavirus, the theatres are shut down and it is not safe to make a theatrical release at this point in time.


Many filmmakers have put their movies on hold as they want their movies to release in theatres and not on OTT first. But Salman goes ahead with his promise of treating his fans with his movie on Eid. However, he also said that once situations are normalized the movie will be released in theatres as well.


In a virtual interview, he said:


“Once the theatres open even after this OTT release, because there are still people who would want to watch it in theatres and some who don’t watch on OTT, we will do a release in India in theatres as well. Abroad, it is releasing. Not with the same number of prints that we usually released but it is being released abroad,”


Many theatre owners requested Salman to release his movie as this would boost their income but he said:


“I apologise to all the theatre owners that we are doing the film now and it is the right thing to do. The intention was that we release this film as soon as the pandemic gets over but it doesn’t seem to be so. So, the intention was to release in theatres as you would remember a few months back, it was on social media a request to release Radhe in theatres on Eid and we agreed to it. Because they thought that getting Radhe in theatres would get the crowds back and the theatres would come back in being functional but that did not happen.”

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