Shabana Azmi recently opened about Kangana Ranaut’s attack on the Bollywood industry. Calling it outrageous, Azmi stated that the ‘Queen’ actress has started believing in her myths. Talking about a similar to Mumbai Mirror, Shabana reportedly called Kangana’s attack on Bollywood ‘outrageous’. according to the veteran actress, Kangana has started believing in her myths. Although the veteran actress is glad that Kangana taught feminism and nationalism to the movie industry, Azmi feels that the ‘Queen’ actress fears the day when she is going to not be within the headlines. consistent with Shabana, Kangana should do what she is best at, which is acting.


Elaborating further about the unrest in Bollywood that has followed after the tragic death of Sushant Singh Rajput, Shabana reportedly said that Bollywood may be a sitting duck. according to her, it’s easy to hurl malevolent accusations. She also added that it’s a scientific campaign to divert attention from real issues, failing economy, China border tensions, spiraling COVID cases, and farmers’ agitation by putting the spotlight on the supposed ills of the movie industry.


Azmi also stated that the difficulty has gone from ‘justice for Sushant’ to ‘drug abusers in Bollywood.’ according to her, rather than people focusing on the psychological state as a serious issue, there’s sensationalism at play.

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