The pandemic has hit many people, and work-life has been badly affected. The cine workers have also been affected and have got no help from the govt. The veteran actress Shabana Azmi has come forward and highlighted the issue.
“As a sector, we contribute millions to the exchequer. Every time there has been a national calamity, the film industry has come forward and has helped the government in fundraising as well as contributing personal donations. But it has largely been a one-way relationship. Sadly, we do not fall under the purview of any of the ministries, be it HRD/Ministry of labor/ culture or as a matter of fact even the Information and Broadcasting.”


Adding to the issue, she further said:


“Unlike, in the west, we are not a recipient of any social security schemes. Last year the UK government’s The Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport announced 17 million pound fund to help the cultural, arts and heritage institutions survive the pandemic last summer.”


Getting no help from the government she added:


“We have no such response from our government. I think it’s largely due to the perception that the film industry is flushed with money and doesn’t need help. We are the cultural ambassadors of India – we bring repute to our country by the awards we win at international film festivals. Bollywood is a household name all over the world.”


She further added:


“The covid pandemic has rendered the daily wage earners and technicians penniless. A lot of senior artists are without work and have nowhere to turn to. Many of us have contributed to our respective Associations but a calamity of this scale needs help from the Government.”

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