Sharmila Tagore is worried; read here why

The escalating condition about the contractual matters faced by the Tandav team has severely stressed Saif Ali Khan’s family, especially his mother. Sharmila Tagore, the 76-year old icon, is concerned about which process the legal methods against Tandav will go. The honorable court has denied anticipatory bail to all or any concerned.


#Saif Ali KhanTandav controversy Saif Ali Khan’s mother Sharmila Tagore says she’s worried; here’s why

As per the news, Sharmilaji’s health has suffered because of Tandav controversies.”Saif and Kareena expect a baby in February. The last item they have at this point is such a terrible crisis. She is very concerned about the complete episode has panned out. She has often told Saif to be discreet together with his public statements and cautious about the projects he takes on,” says a source very on the brink of the family.


Obviously, after the Tandav, Saif has chosen to manage all the scripts given to him through his immensely experienced mother (who knows her Satyajit Ray also as her Manmohan Desai) before saying yes or no.In an interview, Sharmilaji talked about Saif’s choice of roles and said, “He isn’t afraid to require risks as an actor. He has always been unconventional in selecting parts. that would get tricky sometimes .”

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