Ace TV actor Shekhar Suman, who’s crusading to get the CBI for investigating probe actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, told media personals that while his own family is against him going this way, he doesn’t think Sushant’s family has any problems. Sushant Singh Rajput (34) passed away on June 14. The promising actor had suffered from depression. The police have denied any possibility of murder in the case.


After visiting SSR’s family home in Patna recently, Shekhar got slammed for interfering in the matters that do not even concern him. Reportedly Sushant’s family was unhappy with him trying to take the political mileage. Suman told media, “I don’t think Sushant’s family is unhappy with me raising voice for justice to him. Someone from haters spread this false news. There are several people trying to create obstructions in the journey of truth and justice and the same is happening here also.”

Shekhar Suman also said, “When I went to meet SSR’s father in Patna, my family was against me doing this. They urged me to utilize social media platforms for taking a stand or start something because of Covid-19 pandemic. However, I personally wanted to go for meeting Sushant’s family and my condolences. My intention was not to discuss this but ask them for supporting me. I can understand how shattered Sushant’s father is after losing his son. My son has faced the same depression and I can easily connect with SSR’s family emotionally. When I went there, I didn’t even exchange many words. As all were dealing with their own pain. I sat there for 5-10 minutes and left.”


Shekhar’s son, actor Adhyayan Suman said in a recent interview to The Times of India that he understands why his father is taking these steps, as he knows the pain of losing a child. “When I was young I lost my brother Aayush and I think that’s where it is coming from. My father knows the pain of losing a son; I think it is the most difficult thing for a parent to go through,” Adhyayan had said. Shekhar’s elder son Aayush died due to a heart disease at the age of 11.


Appreciating his father’s efforts and slamming those who’ve written social media posts about Sushant without taking concrete action, Adhyayan said, “It is outstanding for my father to go and help some unknown. He never personally knew Sushant, neither there is any personal agenda here; it is all on humanitarian ground.”

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