Poonam Pandey returned to Mumbai after her Goa shoot and registered a complaint against the Actress for apparently shooting an offensive video in Goa. Another FIR has also been filed against an unknown person for shooting a vulgar video of the Poonam Pandey at Chapoli Dam, Goa. tweeted ANI.



“A person is in police custody for shooting a vulgar video featuring Actress at Goa beach. Also, the women’s organization of Goa filed a complaint against Pandey for an offensive video at Chapoli Dam,”.


Previously, as per police report, the Actress had filed a complaint against her husband had assaulted, threatened, and molested her in Canacona village during shooting.”Sam is in police custody for molesting her. As per Inspector Tukaram Chavan of Goa police, her husband Sam was arrested.”

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