Neha Bhasin has revealed to being sexually abused numerous times in her life. In an interview with IANS, the “Dil diyan gallan” singer opened about the sexual assault she faced as a toddler. She said that she was molested at the age of 10 during her visit to Haridwar.

“I was ten years old. I used to be in Haridwar, one of the religious places in India. My mother was standing a couple of feet far away from me. Suddenly, a man came and poked his finger inside my a**. I used to be shocked. I just ran away. Then, a couple of years later, a person grabbed my breasts during a hall. I clearly remember these incidents. I want to think that it’s my fault. Nowadays, persons have come on social media and have started molesting others — spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally. I consider it anonymous terrorism,” Neha said.


Speaking of cyberbullying, Neha recalled receiving death threats online from fans of a well-liked K-pop band.
“I had started the singer’s support. I didn’t pass any demeaning remarks for the K-pop band. I only had said that I’m not an enormous fan of that specific band, and since then, I even have been trolled. From rape threats to death threats, I even have witnessed it all. I do not shut one’s mouth now. I even filed a police complaint,” she added.


Such experiences have led Neha to return up with a song titled “Kehnde rehnde,” which is against cyberbullying. The track aims to spotlight issues like slut-shaming, sexism, cyberbullying, and confining women to society’s stereotypical standards. “One shouldn’t tolerate anything wrong. One should raise his/her voice against the wrongdoings. Don’t ignore, call out,” Neha added.

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