Bollywood actor Farhan Akhtar faces huge criticism on social media when he refused to explain the reason behind his participation in the protest at August Kranti Maidan, New Delhi. A video of “Bhaag Mikkha Bhaag” surfaced on social media where he can be seen interacting with media and saying, “To raise your voice against something is a democratic right in India. People are raising their voices and I agree to their views that there are certain flaws in what’s being planned and what’s happening now. As an informed citizen of this country and somebody who’s been born and bought up has every idea about this great nation, so it’s imperative to raise my voice.”

When the actor was told about a statement of Central Home Minister Amit Shah that neither the NRC nor the CAA would be affecting the citizenship of Indian Muslims, Farhan said, “But if you look at the details of the act, there’s a possibility of troubles in coming times. He further added, “if everything was okay, why a huge number of people are protesting, not just in Mumbai, but Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Assam, Bangalore, Hyderabad?” The statement of Farhan didn’t go well with many netizens and they’ve started trolling the actor on social media platforms.

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