“Man of the hour” Sonu Sood emerged as a hope for thousands of underprivileged stranded within the country and abroad, wanting to go home but having no help. After sending several migrant workers back to their homes safely in different parts of the country, Sonu is ready to bring back Indian students stuck in Kyrgyzstan.


The ‘Simbaa’ actor will airlift 1,500+ Indian students from Kyrgyzstan in the upcoming 2 months. He tweeted “Feeling delighted that first flight from Kyrgyzstan to Varanasi flew today. Sincere because of @flyspicejet for creating my mission successful. Another flight from Kyrgyzstan to Vizag is ready to fly on 24th July. All students, please send your details asap. Jai Hind,”.


Fellow celebrities from the entertainment industry have been praising Sonu Sood for his noble works during these hard times, Ace comedian and TV starlet Kapil Sharma also wrote a heartfelt note appreciating Sonu’s effort for his fellow countrymen and women. He wrote, “Sonu paaji, no words can describe how noble and heroic your works are in these tough times. You might have portrayed negative characters in movies, but you are a real-life hero. May God bless you with all the happiness and prosperity.”


Now, this is what every citizen in India might be thinking about Sonu Sood, isn’t it?


Kapil Sharma resumes the shoots for his immensely popular chat show, The Kapil Sharma Show, after staying in lockdown for 3 months. Guess who will be the first guest on his show after the lockdown? Yes, it’s Sonu Sood!


Speaking about the angelic works done by Sonu Sood during the Covid-19 pandemic, the actor shared, “I think destiny send me to Mumbai for this — it was my fortune. I am thankful to almighty for making me a useful medium in helping the migrants. Mumbai has always been in my heartbeats, but now I feel more closely connected to the countryside of UP, Bihar, Jharkhand, Assam, Uttarakhand and many other states. Now I have many new friends with a deeper connection. I will pen down all these experiences, stories that will flow in my thoughts and soul forever.”

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