Akshay Kumar has been one of the most reliable box office star in the past decade, but the actor says surviving within the industry has been a task. The actor, who has been having a golden run at the box office for the past one decade, says success has made him easier in taking risks and being versatile. “I am happy that my movies are being adored. I can’t believe my films have done such a lot of business. The money is coming within the movie industry and it gives the producers the cash to form every kind of films, big or small,” Akshay said during a press interview.

“This year was similar to 2018 and 2017. It has been a decent year and that i think I actually have been lucky. It just gives me a lift to figure on other things, different kinds of films, different cinemas, different varieties of topics to select on, what things I can show, what culture I can show to the planet,” he added.

It’s interesting that Akshay’s last few movies have been mostly focused on social issues and Indian history. When asked about this, he said that the prediction of a movie at longer-term while signing a movie. He further added that ” You need to change quickly for remaining up the pace. All you have to do is keep surviving. I do not believe in the number game business. I have been surviving within the industry for 30 years and that I want to survive more and more till they shoot me down.”

Akshay is pleased with the response to his latest release “Good Newwz” produced by Dharma Productions. He said “I knew it’ll succeed, the seed was roped in the correct place. A lot of individuals have done IVF but I might be glad if more people begin and say it.”

Talking about the criticism for the movie’s viewpoint on anti-abortion, Akshay said, “It is just a personality talking and not an actor. If you see, my character is negative during away, I’m a self-centered person within the film but that does not mean I’m teaching that (to people).”

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