AIIMS, in its report to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), ruled out the theories of poisoning and strangling floated by Sushant Singh Rajput’s family and lawyer. The CBI will now be probing into the original charge of ‘abetment to suicide’ that was listed by the Bihar police. according to a report during a news portal, AIIMS Panel has completed the examination and closed the file after giving conclusive medico-legal opinion during this case and therefore the CBI is corroborating the report with their investigation. In its opinion, the AIIMS report has dismissed all the theories of poisoning and strangling. The report further stated that the CBI is likely to continue its probe into “abetment to suicide”, the charge that was originally listed by the Bihar Police.


Source from the agency told the news portal that each one aspect is being looked into including the murder angle. However, so far, no evidence has come up to prove it to be a case of murder. The report also added that if during the course of the investigation, they get any evidence, murder charges are going to be added. For now, abetment to suicide and other charges within the FIR is being probed.


Though the initial autopsy report by the Mumbai hospital clearly stated that the death of the actor was thanks to suicide, speculation, and campaigns of justice on social media and allegations from Sushant Singh Rajput’s family raised doubts that became a part of an overall CBI investigation.

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