Taapsee Pannu is known for talking her heart out. She has always been vocal about things that she finds unpleasant and shows a carefree and confident attitude. Recently she made a statement saying that Twitter is one of the most toxic platforms.


However she changed her mind and when she saw that people are coming forward to help each other amid the pandemic crisis.


“There was something in me that made me stay here inspite of being one of the most toxic platforms of social media. Seeing the timeline filled with support being asked and selfless/agenda free help being offered makes me believe in the power of intuition once again. Beautiful.”


Many actresses are being very active on social media and trying to help the people in need by spreading the word online.


Priyanka Chopra urged the Indians to stay at home during the tough situation.


“The COVID-19 situation in India is grave. I’m seeing images and stories coming in from different parts of the country that are so scary…the situation is out of control and our medical fraternity is at a breaking point. Please stay home…I beg you to stay home. Do it for yourself, your family, friends, community and your frontline workers. Every doctor and frontline worker is saying the exact same thing: stay home, ensure everyone you know stays home, if you have to step out wear a mask, talk to those around you and help them understand this situation…we cannot take this lightly. Get the vaccine when it’s your turn. Doing this will help us ease the immense pressure on our medical system”.

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