Kangana Ranaut has been quite verbal about the tragic death of fellow actor Sushant Singh Rajput. She has been continiously slamming B-Town biggies for on-going nepotism in Bollywood. Now Vikram Bhatt has opened the front against ‘Queen’ actress. Speaking to a leading news daily Vikram agreed that Kangana Ranaut is a good actor and her performances have been skeptical in every movie she worked. But he also pointed out that Kangana has not yet worked with prominent banners and after her on-going war, chances are much less that she might be able to do it in the future too. The ‘Raaz’ director also added that Kangana will not be boycotted and she’ll get the work.


In continuation, Bhatt added that Kangana must remain prepared to face reactions and consequences. Every loose ball in the match is hit for a boundary or six. When asked about any possibility to work with her in the coming times, Vikram Bhatt said that she is writing scripts and direct her movies, there isn’t much left for her to do. He further stated that if he works with her, then he has to give the clap during the shoot and work as a clapper boy.


Kangana has been actively blaming the movie mafia for sidelining Sushant Singh Rajput after his tragic death. She also named Karan Johar and Mahesh Bhatt and accused them of unfairly promoting industry people while ignoring the talent that comes from outside the film industry.

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