We cannot turn our back from mother nature, as it gives us the basic necessity to live. On the occasion of World Earth Day, many celebrities shared pictures with inspiring captions reminding us about our responsibility towards Earth.


The 90’s superstar Juhi Chawla utilized her stardom for doing a wise deed. The actress has planted over 55,000 saplings in the time span of two years which is commendable. The actress plans to plant more trees in near future.


Sharing about these experiences Juhi said:


‘If we don’t use our stardom for a good cause, what’s the point of it at all. Every time I put out a simple message on planting trees, I get a handful of messages from my fans who diligently do it and that is my reward, my biggest present. As they say, you reap what you sow. We must plant trees for our children, the citizens of tomorrow.’


She urges her friends and fans to do the same and help her achieve the vision.


“I’ve been able to plant over 55,135 saplings, a couple of them credited to my fans too who listened to me. But I’d promised a non-profit organization to plant about a lakh. I’m almost halfway through and this Earth Day, I’m going to urge my friends, family & fans to help me achieve my vision,”

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